The Tea Room

We serve a broad range of teas, fair trade coffees, fresh home baking, breakfast rolls, soup, paninis and more.

Our outdoor decking area is an excellent place to sit on a dry day and watch the wildlife, a huge variety of birds and butterflies use the ruins of Redhouse Castle as their home.

Please note the Tea Room stops serving 30 minutes before closing.

We are proud to serve Fairtrade Puro coffee, fairtrade coffee is grown by small farmers or plantation workers, who are meticulous about their business and highly attentive to their crop. They have grown up with their forefathers teaching them the tricks and trades of the industry enabling them to become agricultural masters. They talk passionately about their beans, their way of life, and their families and their passion and care can be tasted in every cup of Puro.

The Fairtrade Foundation has set the standard to help lift working conditions and improve the lives of millions of people that work in the coffee growing dependent communities in the developing world. We recognise the need for Fairtrade and are both committed and proud to pay fair prices for all of our coffee beans.

The World Land Trust is a UK based land conservation charity whose patron is Sir David Attenborough. The World Land Trust conserves biodiversity by protecting threatened habitats and in co-operation with local partners and communities, helps to ensure they are managed sustainably.

Money from each bag of Puro coffee sold goes towards buying and protecting areas of rainforest vital for biodiversity in coffee producing countries. To date, consumers of Puro coffee have enabled the following:

9105  acres of rainforest to be bought and protected,14 new species to be discovered and named by science (1 tree, 12 orchids & 1 frog) and 1 guard (Luis) to be employed full time to protect the reserve in Ecuador from poachers and loggers.